Survey: Worcester Center for Crafts (formerly The Worcester Employment Society)

Posted August 05, 2010 by Anonymous
Part 1.
Year Founded: 
Before 1950
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Educational, exhibiting, retailing crafts. Multiple media studios
1c. Organization's annual budget.: 
Over $1,000,000
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Part 2.
2a. Mission Statement: 
Current mission (adopted 2006): To Sustain Craft As A Vital Part Of Our World. To achieve this mission we focus on craft education, supporting craft-artist entrepreneurs, and developing the craft market. Mission 2004: Worcester Center for Crafts is a learning community committed to providing quality craft education and promoting an appreciation for fine craft. To achieve this mission, we commit to: • teaching all ages and abilities • inspiring individual artistic growth • fostering creative problem solving and imagination • supporting expert faculty and well-equipped studios • offering diverse and well-planned programming • reaching out to new audiences through special events and exhibitions Mission prior to 2004 The Craft Center is dedicated to the knowledge, appreciation and advancement of fine craft and craftsmanship through studio education and special events that enrich the community. Early mission 1856+ Promotion of handicrafts as a means for the improvement of lives.