Survey: Zeke's Gallery

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Part 1.
Year Founded: 
1c. Organization's annual budget.: 
$0 - $50,000
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Exhibition Space
Multipurpose Space [Amalgam of Multiple Artistic Disciplines]
Performance Space
Printed Periodical / Publication
Presenting Organization
Commercial Gallery
Artist Group / Collective
Part 2.
2a. Mission Statement: 
The mandate of Zekes Gallery is to provide emerging artists with a venue to have their first solo show. Just as Zeke’s Gallery offers artists a point of entry into the “art world” for the unknown and un-shown, it offers the public a similar point of entry into the closed environment of the white cube gallery by making art more accessible. Besides art exhibitions the Gallery also schedules bands, poetry readings, theater, and other events that draw people into Zeke’s community, exposing them to a broad range of cultural products and an environment where their opinion is welcome. Zeke’s Gallery uncompromisingly supports new artists, local artists, new art, and local art – and helps create a public to appreciate their work.
2b. Organization History / Organizational Overview. Index of important events in organization's history.: 
Zeke’s Gallery was established in 1998 by Chris Hand almost by accident. Chris was using a large open space on St-Laurent Blvd in Montreal for his record distribution business, Zeke’s Distribution, and one day began talking about having his friend, local artist Bertrand Lavoie, to show his work in the space. Eventually Lavoie agreed, other artists followed and Zeke’s Gallery was born. Seeing the opportunity the Gallery presented, Chris wound down operations for Zeke’s Distribution and focused his energy full time (and then some) on the Gallery. The Gallery was incorporated on June 28, 2001 as a non-profit organization. Since 1998 Zeke’s Gallery has: · Presented 46 successful “First Solo” Exhibitions; · Hosted 300+ successful one-night events 199 of which have been recorded as “Instant CDs”; · Been featured in “Canadian Art,” “Vie des arts” and received numerous other reviews, and articles in national news media including Macleans, the Globe & Mail, National Post, and others. · Been voted “Best Art Gallery” by and the Montreal Mirror for the past four years. · Developed a database of 15,000+ media, artists and cultural enthusiasts. Chris, also known as Zeke, had no formal training in art prior to starting Zeke’s Gallery. Driven by an interest in visual art, a sense that the traditional art world was largely closed to many emerging artists and inaccessible to the public, and a tenacious personality Chris ploughed ahead ignoring the established ways things have been done in the art community. His attitude that if you like a piece of art then it’s good, makes him something of a maverick. He is seen by the Montreal Art establishment as a threat for his egalitarian, almost anarchistic, approach to art. Zeke’s Gallery is positioned as a “perpendicular” gallery, in contrast to the parallel gallery system and designed to be completely distinct from other gallery spaces. The mandate for Zeke’s Gallery became clear: to provide emerging artists with a venue to have a first solo show. Just as Zeke’s Gallery offers artists a point of entry into the “art world” for the unknown and un-shown, it offers the public a similar point of entry into the closed environment of the white cube gallery by making art more accessible. Besides art exhibitions the Gallery also schedules bands, poetry readings, theater, and other events that draw people into Zeke’s community, exposing them to a broad range of cultural products and an environment where their opinion is welcome. Zeke’s Gallery uncompromisingly supports new artists, local artists, new art, and local art – and helps create a public to appreciate their work. The Gallery itself is neither intimidating nor pretentious. It is the anti-gallery, or as Canadian Art magazine put it “an anti-institution institution.” The 1,200-square-foot space, three-room space does not have the white walls, classical music or snobby and pretentious staff expected in art galleries. There are green walls, house plants, well-worn sofas and tables scattered throughout the space. There is a cluttered visible work space at one end of the main room adjacent to a beer fridge and coffee machine... In order to emphasize the differences from “traditional” galleries, the first thing most people see is Zeke, offering them a beer or a cup of coffee and a place to hang out and chat about the art on the walls, the band or poet that played the gallery the previous night, or life in general.
2c. Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History.: 
Visual Art Artist Title Opening - Closing Born/Resident of Bertrand Lavoie Ratures & Repentirs May 31 . June 28, 1998 Ottawa, Ontario Katherine Godbout September 3 . October 4, 1998 Montreal, Quebec Kelly Backs objects, useful and not November 28 . January 8, 1999 Gibsons, British Colombia Patricia Gonzalez February 27 . April 18, 1999 Columbia Dana Rempel Love for Sale May 1 . June 6, 1999 Montreal, Quebec Richard Branch Urban Folk Art July 17 . August 15, 1999 Tampa Bay, Florida Spanky Horowitz Eat Me October 16 . November 1, 1999 Montreal, Quebec Bertrand Lavoie Routine Chaos November 11 . January 8, 2000 Ottawa, Ontario Patricia Reed Living Spacially March 25 . May 7, 2000 Ottawa, Ontario Susanne Apgar Deform Party May 27 . June 25, 2000 Montreal, Quebec V-Low Low Rider Bicycles August 5 . August 13, 2000 Montreal, Quebec Marcus Hildebrandt Goats Amongst Us October 20 . November 19, 2000 Montreal, Quebec Paul Rogic Metal Nature December 16 . January 21, 2001 Laval, Quebec Michael Hunt I have seen the future… February 3 . March 4, 2001 Woodstock, New York Joseph Cernius Where were you… March 10 . April 8, 2001 Toronto, Ontario Carnie Marnie True ’til Death Principle April 28 . May 27, 2001 Montreal, Quebec Maclean New Landscape Theories June 9 . July 28, 2001 Montreal, Quebec Bertrand Lavoie Tour du Monde dans ma Tete September 15 . November 4, 2001 Ottawa, Ontario Sylvain Lavallee Cycle de vie December 8 . January 12, 2002 Montreal, Quebec Fancois Dufault La main du bluesman January 26 . March 2, 2002 Montreal, Quebec Julia Asimakopulos ÉphémèRésine March 12 . April 7, 2002 Montreal, Quebec Carmen Bouchard Jumelles / Twins June 26 . July 14, 2002 La Trinite-sur-mer, France Katia Taylor Kitty Snaxxx July 26 . August 18, 2002 Toronto, Ontario Nadia Bertrand I am not J.C. I am N.B. August 22 . September 15, 2002 Chicoutimi, Québec Etienne Farret Projet Bosnia September 19 . October 10, 2002 Saint Maur, France Maclean Sportsmanlike Driving October 25 . November 14, 2002 Montreal, Quebec Antoine Claes Banal Phénomène November 22 . January 5, 2003 Montreal, Quebec Yvan Arseneault Bustum January 10 . February 2, 2003 Montreal, Quebec Bertrand Lavoie Les Morons Attaquent!! February 6 . March 9, 2003 Ottawa, Ontario Yaakov Goldhacker Parallel Reality March 13 . April 6, 2003 Montreal, Quebec Sylvain Lavallee depuis 63 April 10 . April 22, 2003 Montreal, Quebec Martha Fleury Traces April 24 . June 8, 2003 Toronto, Ontario James Saint Laurent Saint Laurent x3 June 12 . July 20, 2003 Montreal, Quebec Michael Hunt The Inverted Democracy July 24 . August 31, 2003 Woodstock, New York 03-04 Preview September 25 . October 12, 2003 Montreal, Quebec March Gregoroff October 16 . November 2, 2003 Toronto, Ontario Carrie Jardine Stay Gold November 6 . January 4, 2004 Montreal, Quebec Kristi Ropeleski Blood Harmony January 8 . February 15, 2004 Montreal, Quebec Janice Tayler Gestures of Fragmental Shifting March 25 . April 25, 2004 Winnipeg, Manitoba Phillip Bottenberg Ocean of Intangibles April 29 . June 6, 2004 Wolfville, Nova Scotia Toly Kouroumalis Lucid Dreams in a Winter of Death June 29 . September 5, 2004 Montreal, Quebec Chris Dyer Metaphysical Boarding September 8 . October 10, 2004 Lima, Peru Jean-François Lacombe Above, Below, Center and Ether November 4 . December 19, 2004 Montreal, Quebec Zev Tiefenbach (514) 907-0775 Binary by Submission August 25 . October 4, 2005 Toronto, Ontario Wil Murray Fated… October 11 . November 20, 2005 Calgary, Alberta Not Visual Art Willy Porter 00.06.16 Music Heather Mcleod & Noah Zacharin 01.03.11 Music Stephanie Bolster 01.10.25 Poetry Michael Harris 01.11.22 Poetry Bacterie 01.12.07 Music Mack Mackenzie 01.12.18 Music Mack Mackenzie 02.01.22 Music Susan Gillis 02.01.24 Poetry Francois & Nathalie 02.02.24 Music Swift Water 02.02.28 Music Mack MacKenzie 02.03.01 Music George Slobodzian 02.03.02 Poetry Stephen Brockwell 02.03.07 Poetry Robert David & Friends 02.03.14 Music Aaron Shragge & Friends 02.03.17 Music Hejira 02.03.19 Music Mack Mackenzie & Bob Stagg 02.03.21 Music Laurie’s Party for Brian Z 02.03.24 Other Kenny Smilovitch & Mia Sheard 02.03.24 Music Francois & Nathalie 02.04.10 Music Robert David & Friends 02.04.16 Music Carmine Starnino 02.04.17 Poetry John & Collette 02.04.20 Music Aaron Shragge & Friends 02.04.21 Music Hejira 2 02.04.23 Music Robert David & Sandra Luciantonio 02.04.28 Music Nathalie & Francois 02.05.02 Music Vincent’s Play 02.05.12 Theatre Hejira 3 02.05.14 Music Rusty Pea Colour 02.05.19 Music Assault Prevention Center Benefit 02.05.22 Other Aaron Shragge & Friends 02.05.26 Music Rules of the House 02.05.27 Theatre Kola et Denise 02.07.25 Music Kitchen Fire 02.08.04 Music Rusty Pea Colour & Friends 02.08.18 Music Short Stories 02.09.26 Music Maclean 02.10.25 Art Infinte Moksha 02.11.03 Music Kali & Dub inc. 02.11.09 Music Triple Double 02.11.18 Music Jan Conn & Robyn Sarah 02.11.21 Poetry Katie Moore 02.12.01 Music Dance Performance 02.12.03 Dance Craig Morrison 02.12.08 Music Waffledude 02.12.14 Other Kali & Pearson 02.12.14 Music Slim Sandy 02.12.15 Music Jeff May 02.12.19 Music Tzventan & Randboro 02.12.21 Music Pat Loiselle 02.12.22 Music Jeff, Karen & Francois 03.01.16 Music Eric Ormsby 03.01.23 Poetry Waffledude 03.01.25 Other Streeteaters 03.01.26 Other Thea & Jamie 03.01.29 Dance Mack MacKenzie 03.02.15 Music Kali 03.02.16 Music Lew Dite Skiffle Group 03.02.23 Music Randboro 03.02.26 Music Heather Mcleod 03.02.27 Music Hugh Fisher 03.03.04 Music Lake of Stew 03.03.05 Music Anita Buffam & Suzanne Lahey 03.03.06 Poetry Unity 03.03.16 Music David McGimpsey 03.04.10 Poetry Hakeem 03.04.13 Music Perpetual Motion Roadshow I 03.04.19 Poetry Ensemble en Pieces 03.04.24 Music Gilles Deguire 03.04.27 Music Mack MacKenzie 03.05.01 Music Dr. Tom’s Leather 03.05.05 Music The Moving Show 03.05.11 Poetry Perpetual Motion Roadshow II 03.05.15 Poetry Eric Hammerbeck & The Crying Cowboy 03.05.31 Music Dr. Tom’s Leather 03.06.03 Music Randboro 03.06.04 Music Mack MacKenzie 03.06.12 Music Perpetual Motion Roadshow III 03.06.16 Poetry David Sanders 03.06.19 Music The Underground Divas 03.06.26 Music Randboro 03.07.02 Music Randboro 03.07.16 Music Mack MacKenzie 03.07.17 Music Play aneou 03.07.27 Music Killer Spoken Word 03.08.02 Poetry Randboro 03.08.06 Music Cosmo Demonic Telegraph Company 03.08.14 Music Mack MacKenzie 03.08.21 Music Sam Torontour 03.08.27 Music Randboro 03.09.03 Music David Pearce 03.09.10 Music Perpetual Motion Roadshow 2.1 03.09.18 Poetry Mack MacKenzie 03.09.25 Music Dr. Tom’s Leather 03.10.09 Music Perpetual Motion Roadshow 2.2 03.10.10 Poetry Mack & Cosmo Demonic 03.10.19 Music Richard Sanger, Ricardo Sternberg, Peter Richardson 03.10.25 Poetry David Pearce 03.10.28 Music Amphibitronic 03.11.02 Music Randboro 03.11.05 Music Mike O’Brien 03.11.11 Music Perpetual Motion Roadshow 2.3 03.11.14 Poetry Marie-Desneiges Stockland 03.11.19 Music House of Anansi Reading 03.11.20 Poetry Guerilla Showcase 1 03.11.20 Music Guerilla Showcase 2 03.11.22 Music Alice’s Turkey Day thing 03.11.22 Other Cumulus Book Launch 03.11.29 Poetry Randboro 03.12.03 Music Waffledude ACCM 03.12.07 Other Casingles 03.12.08 Music Dragana 03.12.14 Music Dirty Ol’ Band 03.12.18 Music Randboro 04.01.07 Music Orit Shimoni 04.01.08 Music Steve Raegele 04.01.13 Music Pemi Paull String Trio 04.01.27 Music Artmarket 04.02.01 Other Randboro 04.02.04 Music Nick Fraser Quartet 04.02.14 Music Flight 714 04.02.16 Music Guillaume Antolinos 04.02.18 Music Revised Edition 04.02.22 Music Randboro 04.03.03 Music SAGE Poetry Reading 04.03.07 Poetry Terry Kell 04.03.10 Music Living Room Music Society 04.03.11 Music Living Room Music Society 2 04.03.18 Music Vehicule Poets 04.03.25 Poetry David Levy 04.03.26 Music Artmarket 04.03.27 Other Great Lake Swimmers 04.03.28 Music Delirium Press Chapbook Launch 04.03.31 Poetry Nightwood Edition Poets 04.04.04 Poetry Randboro 04.04.07 Music David Pearce & Jory Berger 04.04.14 Music Stephen Brockwell & 04.04.15 Poetry Brian Campbell 04.04.18 Music Throwback 04.04.20 Music Streeteaters 04.04.25 Other Kali 04.05.02 Music Nathan Caswell & Trevor Mills 04.05.10 Music QWF Thing-y 04.05.11 Poetry Marie-Desneiges & Nikita 04.05.13 Music Christine & Charles Etienne 04.05.16 Poetry Matt Stern 04.05.17 Music Perpetual Motion Roadshow 04.05.22 Poetry Jared Coxford 04.05.26 Music Carrignan vente d’atelier 04.05.29 Other Streeteaters 04.05.30 Other Reseau Humaniste Fundraiser 04.06.03 Other Randboro 04.06.05 Music Paul Edwards 04.06.10 Music Peter Green (Infringement Festival) 04.06.12 Music Bodacious Bushes (Infringement Festival) 04.06.12 Theatre Isaiah Ceccarelli 04.06.13 Music Up Against Tha Wall (Infringement Festival) 04.06.14 Theatre Waiting for Martin (Infringement Festival) 04.06.16 Film Up Against Tha Wall (Infringement Festival) 04.06.17 Theatre We’ve Come Undone (Infringement Festival) 04.06.19 Theatre Peter Green (Infringement Festival) 04.06.19 Music We’ve Come Undone (Infringement Festival) 04.06.19 Theatre Streeteaters (Infringement Festival) 04.06.19 Poetry Mack MacKenzie & NDNBoy 04.06.19 Music Perpetual Motion Roadshow 04.06.23 Poetry Bob Wiseman 04.06.26 Music Streeteaters 04.06.27 Other Lori Freedman & Isaiah Ceccarelli 04.07.01 Music Randboro 04.07.07 Music Noah Leznoff & Sherwin Tija 04.07.08 Poetry Yves Philippe & Mike MacDonald 04.07.11 Music Perpetual Motion Roadshow 04.07.15 Poetry The Mellowaves 04.07.18 Music Pouèt-cafëe nº 8 04.07.29 Poetry Randboro 04.08.04 Music Black Waters 04.08.05 Music Stu Wershof 04.09.02 Music Banjo’ Pickin Old Man Luedecke 04.09.08 Music Invisible Cities 04.09.17 Poetry The Anorak 04.09.19 Theatre Ombres passageres 04.09.26 Music Revised Edition 04.09.27 Music QCFI Open projector night 04.09.28 Film David Pearce & Diarmuid Cullen 04.09.30 Music Mike Evin 04.10.03 Music The Anorak second try 04.10.10 Theatre Geoffrey Cook & Carmine Starnino 04.10.18 Poetry SAGE Poetry Reading 04.10.21 Poetry [CTRL] Conference Party 04.10.21 Other 9 Beet Stretch 04.10.22 Music Delerium Press Chapbook Launch 04.11.04 Poetry QCFI Open projector night 04.11.09 Film Nikita U 04.11.11 Music Andrew Courtnage 04.11.17 Music Jesika Starnino 04.11.21 Music Jean Rene & Robert Lepage 04.11.28 Music Benjamin Hammond & the B-Tars 04.11.29 Music Stationæry #3 Launch Party 04.12.04 Poetry Pierre-Yves Martel Double Bass Quartet 04.12.07 Music Likewater, Ian North & Scott B. Sympathy 04.12.12 Music Randboro Plugged 04.12.16 Music Mike Evin 05.01.13 Music Mack MacKenzie 05.01.15 Music ADTV Website Launch 05.01.19 Film Bob Wiseman & Magali Meagher 05.01.22 Music Ceccarelli, Falaise and Raegele 05.01.24 Music Benjamin Hammond & the B-Tars 05.01.27 Music Faryn Sand 05.02.13 Music Zach Ouimet 05.02.17 Music Vallum Launch 05.02.20 Poetry Zac, Joe and Aaron 05.02.21 Music Double Bass Quartet 05.02.22 Music Delirium Press Chapbook Launch 05.03.06 Poetry David Parsons 05.03.10 Music Rocket vs. Robot (Art Matters) 05.03.13 Music YULBlog 5th 05.03.19 Other Bass / Sax Quartet 05.03.29 Music Concordia Creative Writing 225 Reading 05.04.10 Poetry Delirium Press Reading 05.04.13 Poetry Patrick Warner Poetry Reading 05.04.14 Poetry Isaiah Ceccarelli 05.04.18 Music Dee Peruse’s Acoustic Evening 05.04.21 Music Hotel Journal Launch 05.04.27 Other Tamra’s Laughter Workshop 05.05.01 Other Isaiah Ceccarelli 05.05.08 Music QCFI Open projector night 05.05.10 Film Revised Edition 05.05.12 Music JP Mortier 05.05.15 Music The London Apartments / The Corduroys 05.05.16 Music Bass / Sax Quartet 05.05.17 Music Rebecca Pronsky 05.06.06 Music Lonesome Pine Special 05.06.07 Music Sean Carswell, Mickey Hess & Joe Meno Jon Paul Fiorentino 05.06.11 Poetry Sakamoto Hiromiti 05.06.19 Music Slippery Peat 05.06.22 Music Kirsten Jones & Kristin McCaig 05.06.23 Music Diagram 05.07.04 Music Secret Schoolyard Film Collective 05.07.13 Film Toy Box Orchestra 05.07.20 Music Zeke’s gets proud Pride Reading 05.07.28 Poetry Basia Bulat and the Poche Orchestra 05.08.07 Music The Refined 05.08.11 Music The Shawn/Sean Tour 05.08.13 Music Zoe Keating 05.08.18 Music Beneath these Idle Tides/No Birds 05.08.21 Music Sarah Gregg-Grange, Jordi Rosen & Victoria Stanton 05.08.25 Music Johnny Eden 05.08.31 Music Carlo & Nino 05.09.01 Music Rambo 05.09.08 Music The Dust Jackets 05.09.13 Music Bury the Dead 05.09.19 Theatre QCFI Open projector night 05.09.20 Film Kevin Ransey B’day Party 05.09.24 Other Isaiah Ceccarelli 05.09.26 Music Delirium Press 05.09.30 Poetry Scriverner Review Launch 05.10.04 Poetry Harry Thurston & Geoffrey Cook 05.10.05 Poetry Nikita U 05.10.06 Music University of the Streets 05.10.09 Other
Website Link to Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History:
Part 3.
3a. Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals:: 
Chris Hand
3b. Could any of these individuals assist in providing an oral history of your organization?: 
Part 4.
4a. Is organization currently active?: 
4b. Year activity suspended if no longer active.: 
Organization Still Active
Part 5.
5a. Type of organization at its founding.: 
Collective / Unincorporated Association
5b. Type of organization currently, or at the termination of activities.: 
Collective / Unincorporated Association
Part 6.
6a. Does the organization have an archive?: 
6b. Are there any short or long-term threats to the organization?: 
Fiscal endangerment of organization
6c. Other threats to the organization:: 
Are there other threats to your organization? Please describe below.
Part 7.
All of them
7a. How important is to the organization to preserve the organization’s historical material. From 1 – Very Important to 5 – Not Important.: 
1. Very Important
7b. Has planning for the preservation and documentation of archive begun?: 
7c. Does the organization know how and where to seek expertise and assistance?: 
7d. Does the organization have specific concerns regarding starting an archive working with its historic materials?: 
Other Concerns - Please describe below.
Part 8.
8a. Is the organization's archives in the collection of another institution or promised to one?: 
8a. Location: 
IF YES to 8: University (Name)
8b. Archival materials are also located at:: 
Where are these locations?: 
Where are these locations? [I.E. Home / Office of Private Individual(s) (i.e. Former Board, Staff, Funders, etc)]
Part 9.
9. Does the organization maintain archives for any other organization.: 
IF YES to 9: 10a. Please describe:
Part 10a.
10a. Is the archive accessible to scholars, curators or researchers?: 
Part 10b.
10b. Are there conditions of access for scholars, curators or researchers?: 
Part 10c.
10c. How are arrangements made for access to archive?: 
Someone’s needs to ask me, and I need to find them, and explain them (file naming, and indexing ain’t my forte).
Part 11.
The following questions address the historical materials (type, quantity and storage) of the organization. 11a. Paper Files and Documents: 
Artist Files
Board Minutes
Exhibition or Production Files
Financial Records
Legal Documents
Other Paper Files
11b. Artwork and Documentation: 
Audiotapes [Any Format]
Oral History, Recordings and / or Transcripts
Other Audio Recordings (i.e. records, etc.)
CDs / DVDs [Pre-Recorded or CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / etc.]
Other Digital Materials
Unique Art Objects
Other Artwork
11c. Press and Promotional Materials: 
Announcements, Mailing Cards, etc.
Newspaper / Magazine / Media Clippings
Posters / Flyers
Other Press or Promotional Materials:
11d. Printed Publications: 
Artists' Publications
Broadsides / Small Press
Commercially Published Materials
Checklists / Performance Programs / Price Lists
Programs of Events
Publication or Merchandise Catalogues
Other Printed Publications
11e. Other: 
Architectural Drawings / Floor Plan
Part 12.
12. What years does the materials cover?: 
Part 13.
13a. How is the material stored?: 
Banker Boxes
Other Boxes
File Cabinets
Other - Please describe below.
Please describe: 
in piles
13b. Are some or all of these storage units “archival”?: 
I don’t know
Part 14.
14a. Estimated Number of Boxes or Milk-Crate Sized Storage Units: 
11 - 20
14b. Estimated Number of Archive Drawers: 
1 - 10
14c. Estimated Number of Archive Notebooks: 
1 - 10
14d. Estimated the total Linear Feet. ["Linear Feet" is standard measure of the quantity of archival materials on the basis of shelf space occupied or the length of drawers in vertical files or the thickness of horizontally filed materials. For example, a: 
41 - 50
Part 15.
15. Is the historical materials - or archives - inventoried or catalogued in any way, either formally or otherwise?: 
Part 16.
16a. Is there a key, index or finding aid to the materials inventoried?: 
16b. Paper-based:: 
Not Applicable
16c. Electronic Based:: 
Not Applicable
Part 16 / Electronic Files & Archival Management
16f. Does the organization have a back-up program, or back-up schedule, for its electronic records and perform monitoring of its removable media (i.e. floppies, ZIP disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, portable hard drives, etc.)?: 
16g. Who is responsible for working with the archival material?: 
Other - Please describe below.
Please describe: 
Part 17.
17. How are new materials processed?: 
No System
Part 18.
18. What, if any, conservation methods are in place for both physical materials and electronic data?: 
None or Limited
Part 19.
19. What type of climate-controls are present in the area[s] in which the archives are stored?: 
Limited climate-controls
Part 20.
20a. What are the goals for the historical materials for the next year?: 
continue archiving
20b. What are the biggest challenges to reaching these short-term goals?: 
20c. What goals are in place for the historical materials for the next three to five years?: 
continue archiving
20d. What are the biggest challenges to reaching these long term goals?: 
20e. Are there any additional goals for the organizations historic materials?: 
get an order of Canada medal
Part 21.
21. Estimated cost to achieve these archival goals for the next year.: 
$7,001 - $10,000
Part 22.
22. Estimated cost to achieve these archival goals for the next five years.: 
$45,001 - $50,000
Part 24.
24. What archival issues could / should visual arts organizations address collectively in the next three to five years? Ranked from 1 (highest priority) to 5 (lowest priority).24a. Shared standards / protocols for digitization: 
Promote professional standards / protocols for digitization
Part 25.
25a. Is the organization a member of, or in contact with, any organizations concerned with archival issues?: 
Part 26.
26. Additional information, comments, observations, and questions.: 
Howdy! I recorgnize that my organization isn’t in the US. But I am American for what it is worth. Thanks for listening.
Zeke’s Gallery
Who executed this survey.: 
Chris Hand
Is this survey complete and all appropriate questions answered?: