Survey: Le Petit Versailles

Posted August 05, 2010 by Anonymous
Part 1.
Year Founded: 
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Primarily a public community garden but it is primary producing venue for Allied Productions,Inc.
1c. Organization's annual budget.: 
$0 - $50,000
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Multipurpose Space [Amalgam of Multiple Artistic Disciplines]
Part 2.
2a. Mission Statement: 
Le Petit Versailles, created in 1996 by community neighbors as a GreenThumb garden, is a project of Allied Productions, Inc. a non profit arts organization established in 1981. LPV is a public space located at 346 East Houston St. between Avenue B & C in the East Village and serves both the general community and visitors from around the world. As well as providing a green oasis for meditation and relaxation it is dedicated to fostering the interest of all segments of the community in the arts, broadening and enriching the general public through performances, screenings, workshops
Website Link to Mission Statement:
2b. Organization History / Organizational Overview. Index of important events in organization's history.: 
Le Petit Versailles is located at the edge of the East Village at Avenue C and Houston at 2nd St. Its proximity to the Boys Club, the Hamilton Fish Pool and Lillian Wald Projects reflects a predominance of Latino residents yet with an influx of young professionals there is a polymorphic mix of young & old, multi-cultural and liberal arts educated community. They are interested in diverse forms of expression in art, music, film, spoken word and performance. We opened the garden to the public in May of 1998. Operating with 12 core members and numerous associates, the garden is approximately 22 x 60 feet - located between two buildings that border 2nd St. and Houston St. It has a formal unified design with an arbor with areas designated for seating and gathering. We recently constructed a small stage platform and additional bench seating. Electrical power is donated by nearby garden members. Total capacity in the garden is between 40-80 people. Target audiences and participants include gardeners, local neighborhood residents, artists, activists, tourists and visitors from around the world to the East Village.
Website Link to Organization's History / Organization Overview:
2c. Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History.: 
We were mentioned daily on WNYC Radio for the month of September 2003 as part of their STAR Initiative, a 2004/2005 Mollie Parnis Dress Up Your Neighborhood grant from the Citizens for NYC funding support from the New York State Council on the Arts since 2003 and an article in the NY Blade & Trigger Magazine. We spoke on WBAI OUT-FM, the garden will be included in the East Village Conservancy’s booklet of Lower East Side gardens.and last summer was awarded a New York City’s cable access provider Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) grant to produce a twelve part cable series titled LPVTV that highlights the myriad garden events occurring at Le Petit Versailles. ALso Gay City News and New YOrk Times. This is the link to New York State Council on the Arts grant history for LPV/ Allied Productions
Website Link to Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History:
Part 3.
3a. Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals:: 
Peter Cramer
Additional Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals: 
Jack Waters
Additional Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals: 
Jill London
Additional Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals: 
Beatrice Schafroth
3b. Could any of these individuals assist in providing an oral history of your organization?: 
Part 4.
4a. Is organization currently active?: 
4b. Year activity suspended if no longer active.: 
Organization Still Active
Part 5.
5a. Type of organization at its founding.: 
Collective / Unincorporated Association
5b. Type of organization currently, or at the termination of activities.: 
Collective / Unincorporated Association
Part 6.
6a. Does the organization have an archive?: 
6b. Are there any short or long-term threats to the organization?: 
End of lease for your space resulting in termination of activities or changing of priorities
Changes in your physical space that will result in endangerment to your archival materials
6c. Other threats to the organization:: 
As public land under the auspices of the NYC Parks Department/GreenThumb the current settlement of a lawsuit that was enjoined by NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer to prevent the sale of other gardens by the Mayor Giuliani administration becomes null & void after 2010 which could place the garden in jeopardy.
Part 7.
7a. How important is to the organization to preserve the organization’s historical material. From 1 – Very Important to 5 – Not Important.: 
1. Very Important
7b. Has planning for the preservation and documentation of archive begun?: 
7c. Does the organization know how and where to seek expertise and assistance?: 
7d. Does the organization have specific concerns regarding starting an archive working with its historic materials?: 
Technical Support / Expertise
Part 8.
8a. Is the organization's archives in the collection of another institution or promised to one?: 
8a. Location: 
IF YES to 8: University (Name)
8b. Archival materials are also located at:: 
Where are these locations?: 
Where are these locations? [I.E. Home / Office of Private Individual(s) (i.e. Former Board, Staff, Funders, etc)]