Survey: Gowanus Artyard/Terminal Show/Monumental Show/Monument Redefined/Pan Arts/

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Part 1.
Year Founded: 
1c. Organization's annual budget.: 
$0 - $50,000
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Exhibition Space
Multipurpose Space [Amalgam of Multiple Artistic Disciplines]
Presenting Organization
Artist Group / Collective
Part 2.
2a. Mission Statement: 
There were several loose organizational groups that I was associated with whose missions were not the same. I was the founder of the Gowanus Memorial Artyard, and of Pan Arts, and a founding member of AAAart. The GMA is a group of artists who want to bypass the museum, gallery network that are the gatekeepers who often determine what art is seen and discussed. We will organize and create exhibitions that allow artists to create works that can inspire, challenge assumptions and cross boundaries The Gowanus Memorial Artyard mission is to add depth and content to art exhibitions and encourage artists to create work that honors and memorializes ideas, works, and heroes/heroines that should be rememb ered. We recognize that all art is political either actively or passively. Work that is empty of meaning can be hijacked by anyone who can buy it and define it. We want to take art out of the gallery and into the community. We want to encourage experimentation and integration of form and content. We believe that art making is a critical dialogue that interjects the opportunity for reflecion, evocation, and beauty into everyday experience.
2b. Organization History / Organizational Overview. Index of important events in organization's history.: 
I am not sure how many of the original group of artists that I worked with are still active as artists or professionals in the arts. I am finishing a doctorate at Teachers College, Columbia University where I hope to discuss some of these groups and events that I participated in, so I hope more information will be availble as I develop the ideas I was a member of a loose amalgam of artist organizations that arose from 1979 and 1986, and a participant in other such groups from then till now, that were not organizations the Gowanus Memorial Artyard was at 230 3rd St in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn at the foot of the Gowanus Canal. I was the director and curator/faciliator for the constant round of exhibitions that we had in the giant space of the Artyard. The space was the third floor of a former munitions factory with the Artyard and my studios on the top floor. and the outside cobblestone yard. The Major Exhibitions were Dreamships (1980) The Monumental Show (1981) Monument Redefined (1982) I was also one of the founding members of AAAart, a group of artists based in Williamsburgh that created shows (The All Fools Show) and who were the organizing group of the Terminal Show, one of the largest of the series of exhibitions
Website Link to Organization's History / Organization Overview: ( not fully functional yet)
2c. Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History.: 
In 1980 started showing my own sculptures in the 13000 sq foot space that was adjacent to the space that I rented at 230 3rd St. I mounted a show called Dreamships with Artist Diane Carulli. The sculptures had interior space that would facilitate the dreaming capacity. We were very impressed with the Times Square Show. I heard that some funds could be obtained from the Brooklyn Arts and Culture Association if I started a non-profit[. I started the Gowanus Memorial Artyard with other artists in the building. Michael Cockrill, Steve Schoenbach, Mark Oberg and others. Michael Keane ran a space called the Westbeth Painters Space in Manhattan and proposed jointly organizing a show. I was interested in Monuments, art that would memorialize and honor, Keane was interested in size. We called it the Monumental Show as a compromise. We divided the large space into 20by20 foot sections. The buzz became enormous.We were besieged with requests and proposals. As director of Gowanus I allowed artists to spread out in the courtyard and other areas of the building not rented. At first the landlord gave permission. Later he revoked it. I will discuss that later. The show consisted of installations, paintings, a video, performance, and musical components. We published a catalog. The only money charged was for sharing the catalog. The only money that we had to run the show was 3500 provided by BACA. There were scores of articles written about the Show in The New York Times, New York Magaizine, Art Forum, Art in America, Village Voice. I will include them on the website. Kay Larson wrote an excellent review and called it the event of the season. More Impressive than the P.S. 1 show, New York/New Wave showing at the same time. Suzi Gablik called that show, one that defined the decade.