Survey: Communicationsphere

Posted August 05, 2010 by Anonymous
Part 1.
Year Founded: 
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Interactive Visual Telecommunications was directed towards the creative application and development of low cost telecommunication systems for use by artists in oreder to establish a network for artistic activities, research, exchange of information icnluding atists from the United States and the world.,
1c. Organization's annual budget.: 
$0 - $50,000
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Presenting Organization
Artist Group / Collective
Part 2.
2a. Mission Statement: 
1980- To conduct the following activities which are exclusively charitable, literary and educational: To develop an educational interactive telecommunications research center; to investigate creative interactive telecommunicatins and itspplication. To develop an archive and information center concernin the creative application of telecommunications. To coordinate two-way live local and international broadcast (cable-cast, narrow cast) via two way cable television, the picturephone system,slow-scan television, and satellite transmission involving the participation of artists, educators, scientists and community at large. To create new and more humanistic uses for electronic information systems- including television, computer networking, "electronic mail," teletext, facsimile and any other technology used to exchange information if the form of still images, live drawings, data ect. To research all asopectsa of the media as related to communication. To encourage cooperation between artists technician and scientists
2b. Organization History / Organizational Overview. Index of important events in organization's history.: 
The organization began to use the name "Communicationsphere" in 1979 but formalized a not-for profit organization/corporation in 1981 and registered with the Stae of New York. In 1982 the Board of Directors applied for a copywright of the name "COMMUNICATIONSPHERE" as it applied to the concept of media environement and the name of the organization. The organization continued activities through 1996 when the President died and the organization became inactive. There are plans to revive the organization, up-date osme of its goals and maintain the goals it had set out to accomplish.