Survey: Bay Area Video Coalition, Inc.

Posted August 05, 2010 by Anonymous
Part 1.
Year Founded: 
1c. Organization's annual budget.: 
Over $1,000,000
1b. Primary activity[ies] of the organization.: 
Multipurpose Space [Amalgam of Multiple Artistic Disciplines]
Part 2.
2a. Mission Statement: 
BAVC’s mission is to be the nation’s most advanced noncommercial media access and training center. Our goals are to level the playing field, support the creation of high quality independent media, and develop current and future media makers.
2b. Organization History / Organizational Overview. Index of important events in organization's history.: 
BAVC was founded in 1976 by a group of visionaries, a camera and a lofty idea: to support freedom of expression by making advanced media technology accessible to independent media makers and nonprofit organizations. Twenty-nine years, 15,000 projects, and thousands of students later, BAVC is a national leader in the media arts.
Website Link to Organization's History / Organization Overview:
2c. Exhibition / Programming / Publishing History.: 
BAVC has been connecting underserved populations with new opportunities in media technology, and today is considered a leading industry-certified trainer for Apple, Avid, Digidesign, NewTek, Luxology, Alias, and Autodesk, as well as the California Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education. In our 30-year history, BAVC has helped our noncommercial clients to produce over 15,000 video programs and has educated over 35,000 current and future mediamakers in every aspect of video, audio, and new media. Housed in a professional working production facility, BAVC offers over 600 classes and intensive technical workshops each year in five laboratories equipped with the latest Mac G5 and PC hardware, as well as a cutting-edge digital audio studio and Avid suite. In addition to our extensive training curriculum, BAVC’s programs also include: artist-in-residence programs and screenings; grants and awards to established and emerging mediamakers; one of the most extensive youth media training programs in the Bay Area; and a growing audio and video preservation facility.
Part 3.
3a. Names and email addresses of Founders, Board Members, Directors or other key individuals:: 
Judy Holme Agnew
3b. Could any of these individuals assist in providing an oral history of your organization?: 
Part 4.
4a. Is organization currently active?: 
4b. Year activity suspended if no longer active.: 
Organization Still Active
Part 5.
5a. Type of organization at its founding.: 
Non-Profit [IRS certified]
5b. Type of organization currently, or at the termination of activities.: 
Non-Profit [IRS certified]
Part 6.
6a. Does the organization have an archive?: 
6c. Other threats to the organization:: 
Are there other threats to your organization? Please describe below.
Part 8.
8a. Location: 
IF YES to 8: University (Name)
Where are these locations?: 
Where are these locations? [I.E. Home / Office of Private Individual(s) (i.e. Former Board, Staff, Funders, etc)]
Part 9.
IF YES to 9: 10a. Please describe:
Part 11.
Other Artwork
Other Press or Promotional Materials:
Other Printed Publications
Part 12.
12. What years does the materials cover?: 
Part 13.
13a. How is the material stored?: 
Banker Boxes
File Cabinets
Flat Files
13b. Are some or all of these storage units “archival”?: 
Part 14.
14a. Estimated Number of Boxes or Milk-Crate Sized Storage Units: 
14b. Estimated Number of Archive Drawers: 
14c. Estimated Number of Archive Notebooks: 
14d. Estimated the total Linear Feet. ["Linear Feet" is standard measure of the quantity of archival materials on the basis of shelf space occupied or the length of drawers in vertical files or the thickness of horizontally filed materials. For example, a: 
Part 15.
15. Is the historical materials - or archives - inventoried or catalogued in any way, either formally or otherwise?: