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Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, India
The IGNCA is a National Information System and a Data Bank of the arts, humanities, cultural heritage with a fully supported reference library of multimedia collections. They have a very large library of Microfilms / Microfisches along with printed material on Greater India, South Asia, Southeast, Asia and West Asia. They plan to have a collection of about half a million works during the next few years.
Kala Nidhi is a reference library of books, monographs, periodicals, microforms, photographs, slides, Video films, audio-visual materials. Rare Books, Personal Collections, Library Database and a Catalogue of Catalogues.
Online database/website

Seagull Foundation for the Arts, India
26, Circus Avenue
Calcutta 700019
ph: 91 33 22873737 / 22877942

A non-profit Arts centre located in Calcutta, the Seagull Foundation for the Arts was founded in 1987, and evolved out of the various activities of the Seagull Group which, one way or another, had been doing arts support, documentation and dissemination work. Its main assets were its commitment to promoting cultural activity which needed support, and the credibility it had built up with its track record of ventures which were innovative and different. The arts library is a store-house of books from all over the world; an archive and a data bank for arts research, with in-house viewing and listening facilities for films and tapes: audio and video. Access: Open shelf displays, personnel to provide guidance and a cataloguing system. In additional to books and journals, the library houses arts documentaries, films, recordings of theatre events, plays, interviews with authors, artists, film and theatre directors, slides of major works of art etc., with the specific aim of extending theoretical and creative horizons by providing access to examples of art in the various media, painting, drama, cinema, photography, etc.

A source for Indian contemporary art, it provides convenient access to an extensive range of art for sale, along with detailed information on artists, interviews, exhibitions, events and more. Saffronart's online catalogue has over 2,000 works of fine art over 400 established, and emerging artists.