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Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art
Hussein El Me’mar Pasha Street
Off Mahmoud Basyouni Street, Downtown Cairo
Postal Address:
10 Nabrawy Street
Downtown, Cairo
Tel.: +202 2 576 8086

Townhouse Library opened in 2004 with the vision of providing free access to a wide range of up-to-date materials and resources specifically related to the arts, for the first time in Egypt.

The aim is to act as a reference for a growing critical population interested in cultural debate – whether practitioners, potential practitioners, academics or interested members of the general public. The library houses a collection of texts, journals and press related to contemporary arts, both from the Arab region and beyond.

The library also has a reading room which houses a collection of international art books, magazines and brochures. There are specific sections dedicated to Egyptian art history, monographs of Egyptian artists and Middle Eastern Arts Initiatives.

There is an Archive of Egyptian Artists that contains files on individual Egyptian artists as well as a number of foreign artists who have spent considerable time in the region. Each file contains a complete CV, high quality slides and other portfolio materials, that are made available for research to students, curators, professors, etc.

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