Czech Republic

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AVU Research Centre, Prague, Czech Republic
School of Architecture
U Akademie 4
170 22 Prague 7
tel.: (+420-2) 20 408 205
fax: (+420-2) 33 381 662

The VVP AVU (Academic Research Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts - "AVU Research Centre") is a centre committed to academic research, processing of original documentation, and critical evaluation and reinterpretation of Czech fine arts from 1945 to the present, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary study.

The goal of the VVP AVU is to expand the knowledge of the history of local fine arts and place this development into a broader international context. Currently, the centre uses the transformation period of 1980-2005 as its main subject of study. The VVP AVU is in the process of developing a documentation centre, compiling an archive of textual and visual materials. A bibliobase - database of bibliographical information on Czech art and the i-datum - database of contemporary art project are available online.